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This page gives a taste of what camp life is like. For more information please visit our Frequently Asked Camp Questions page.

'The Camp Experience'

Open to everyone in Key Stage 2 (although numbers are limited!)

Each year children in Key Stage 2 have the opportunity to participate in a residential camp. This learning opportunity gives the children the chance to try adventurous activities in a supportive environment.

The site at Nine Ashes, on the edge of the Pencarrow Estate, includes acres of deciduous woodland full of learning opportunities. Roger and Nicky manage the site and organise the activities while Phil the chef produces the most amazing meals!

'Life at Camp'

Nine Ashes in situated just outside Bodmin. It was originally a Scout camp site which expanded to cater for school groups. The heavily wooded site is home to an ever expanding list of adventurous activities. This picture shows the inside of the main hall where the meals are served and acts as a base of operations for the children.


Zip line

'The Zip Line'

One of the most anticipated activities at camp is the exhilarating zip line. In a full harness, and after climbing a staircase that winds around a mature beech tree, the children are attached to a thick steel wire. The children leap off for a fantastic ride back to the forest floor.


Archery is a mix of control and strength that dates back thousands of years. During camp children learn to safely use a bow and arrow while trying to beat the teachers' scores!


Zip line

'Team Skills'

Camp isn't just about the adventurous activities; learning to work as a team is just as important and is at the core of any good camp. Team building exercises take many forms - this one requires the children to teach each other how to tie certain knots ready for them to be used to create tennis ball firing catapults!

'Fire Lighting and Bushcraft Cooking'

Starting a fire without matches isn't easy (especially if it's raining) but it does make you appreciate what an art fire lighting is. The children on camp get a great sense of achievement when they cook over a fire they've made themselves.


Zip line


Quite often on camp children overcome their fears simply by 'giving things a go'! At first just getting off the ground can be a challenge but before too long the children build up their confidence to try and strive to beat their best.

'...to reach the Top'

As the children get more confident some try to reach the top of the wall but it's all very safe with safety ropes, harnesses and helmets. The climbing wall has a selection of progressively more difficult routes to the top.


Zip line

'Craft Skills'

Even though the weather is usually good for camp, rain can make an appearance but this is the perfect time to learn new crafts including whittling, braiding and pyrography.

'Low Ropes and Skills Courses'

Hidden deep in the forest are assault and low rope courses. These courses require a combination of strength and agility.


Zip line

'Pedal Karts'

Budding Grand Prix drivers can test themselves against each other and see who is the fittest around a figure of eight course.

'Quad Bikes'

The eldest children have the opportunity to explore a specially built track through the woods on roaring 50cc quad bikes! The speed of these quads are limited and helmets are worn. This exhilarating experience teaches the children to control, and respect, low powered vehicles.


Zip line

'Camp Fire Stories'

After an exciting and tiring day the camp children gather around the camp fire to roast marshmellows and to listen to camp stories. The ideal end to an ideal day!