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Welcome to the Algonquin Class page. Here you can see some of our displays and find out what we have been doing recently. We are a Year 2 class and are taught by Mr Edie.

Algonquin class have enjoyed learning all about important figures from history in our new topic “Special People”. We have been especially interested in learning about the lives of Christopher Columbus, Neil Armstrong and Florence Nightingale. Using the information we have learned, we have written letters, diary entries, fact files and messages in bottles.

In science we have been fascinated with animals, how they grow and where they get their food from. We have learned about food chains and can use the terms ‘producer’, ‘consumer’, ‘predator’ and ‘prey’ to describe the roles animals play in them.

We have been preparing our entry for the Royal Cornwall Show, using natural and recycled materials. No spoilers, as we don’t want to spoil the surprise, but there will be elements of land, sea and sky! See if you can work out what we are making.

Algonquin Picture Algonquin Picture

Looking back at the Spring Term: We have enjoyed extending our knowledge of the world during out topic ‘The Natural World’, learning more about the continents and the effects that deforestation has had on the rainforest. In science we have been growing plants (with varying degrees of success) and have been keeping cress seed diaries, recording the growth of the seeds.

In music lessons and singing assembly we have been learning about Latin American percussion and how to play congas, bongos, congitas, timbales and cajons. We also liked learning where these instruments originate from in the world. Sing Up Day gave us all a chance to learn new songs and have Singing Breaks throughout the day.

Health Day was jam packed with activities and opportunities for us to learn about how to stay healthy. We were visited by dental nurses who taught us how the take care of our teeth, and showed us the alarming amount of sugar that is in our favourite drinks. It was also the start of our weekly ‘Walk a Mile’ challenge, giving us all a chance to stretch our legs and get some additional exercise.

Algonquin Picture Algonquin Picture

We were fortunate to visit Truro Cathedral to learn about different aspects of the Christian church, the history of the cathedral, important members of the church and why people visit the cathedral. It was a really interesting visit and we were able to share what we had learned when our parents came into our class during Open Learning.

Picture Dough Algonquin Picture

What a busy start to the Spring Term. We have enjoyed learning about the continents of the World and how animals survive in habitats such as Antarctica and the deserts. We have been increasing our knowledge of number and place value, using this to help us solve addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems.

In English we have been writing poems about woodland creatures and have written reports about polar and desert animals. We have been carrying out bridge building experiments in science, investigating how different designs make bridges stronger and thinking carefully about how to carry out fair scientific tests. In art we have been mixing colours, using this to help us layer paint to make landscape paintings.

Algonquin Bridges Algonquin Painting

Looking back at the Autumn Term: Algonquin class have been busy in the second half of this term. We have continued with our topic of “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” and have been learning about the history of The Titanic, writing reports about its disastrous maiden voyage.

We enjoyed learning about healthy eating, and how to eat a balanced diet. In our design and technology lessons we baked our own bread and designed and made a healthy soup. They both tasted and smelled amazing! During Road Safety fortnight, we learned the importance of staying safe when crossing the road and when travelling in cars. In the run up to the Winter Fair we used our crafty skills to make designer greetings cards, which looked very professional.

We were lucky enough to be visited by members of Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra who played the harp and oboe for us. We learnt about the different types of instrument that are used in an orchestra and were shown how each of the instruments produced different types of sound.

Algonquin Dough Algonquin Symphony

We have had a very busy start to our term in Algonquin class. In our topic “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” we have been learning about different vehicles throughout history. Our mathematics skills are improving in our Maths Mastery lessons and we are becoming more confident using the bar method and Base 10 to help solve addition and subtraction problems. During Open Learning sessions we were fortunate to have our parents join us during maths lessons and see how well we work together. In our English lessons we have been writing letters, reviews of the play “Charlotte’s Web”, timelines and recounts of our visit to the beach.

Algonquin Base 10 Algonquin Open Learning

We enjoyed our very first educational visit in Year 2 to Mawgan Porth Beach. At the beach we carried out orienteering, rock pooling, beach art, and even saw a small waterfall. It was amazing!

Algonquin Mawgan Porth Algonquin Rock Pools