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Welcome to the Arapaho Class page. Here you can see some of our displays and find out what we have been doing recently. Arapaho Class consists of Years 4 and 5 and is taught by Miss Fugler and Miss Tiplady.

In history we have been learning about the Romans. To find out where the Romans fit into the history of Britain, we made a timeline of major events in Britain. In our geography lessons we have been learning about mountains. First, we researched the highest mountain in each of the continents and wrote about them. Then we looked at some Japanese pen and ink drawings of mountains. Using these ideas, we created our own mountain ranges using straight lines and decorated them with different patterns.

Arapaho Picture Arapaho Picture

Looking back at the Spring Term: Year 5 had a fantastic visit to the Cornwall Aviation Heritage Centre. They were able to go inside many different aeroplanes, both large and small and could even pretend they were pilots! They learnt many fascinating facts and also flew their own paper planes some went a really long way.

Year 4 enjoyed a visit to Wheal Martyn, where they learnt all about the history of china clay in Cornwall. They loved seeing the different stages showing how the clay develops from the pit to the finished products, and were amazed at the size of the water wheel!

Arapaho Picture Arapaho Picture

It was our class assembly in March which celebrated World Maths Day. The children researched how maths is used in different jobs and also found out how much maths is used in everyday life. They took photographs of maths around the school and found that we use maths everywhere! They also created pictures and patterns using shapes and straight lines, and posters showing what maths means to them.

Picture Dough Arapaho Picture

In our mathematics we have been focussing on decimals. We have compared and ordered numbers with three decimal places and we have learnt how to round to the nearest whole number and tenth. To help us to practise, we challenged a partner to a game. We took in in turns to roll a die with the digits 0 to 9 on it, then we had to decide where to put the digit on a place value board. The nearest answer to 5 was the winner. Some of us were very good at this!

In our P.E. lessons we have been developing our hand-eye coordination. We took part in team challenges where we had to carry out three activities in one go. We had to pick up a ball, put a bean bag in a bucket and turn over a cone. It made us really think as well as work as part of a team.

Arapaho Decimals Arapaho PE

Looking back at the Autumn Term: We combined mathematics and art when we created stars from pentagons. We drew straight lines to alternate corners of the pentagon and kept going until we had a five-pointed star. Inside was a smaller pentagon, so we joined the corners of the small pentagon to make a smaller star. We have taken great care when decorating them.

Arapaho Geometry Arapaho Stars

In our art lessons, we created miniature paintings and patterns. We took great care with them, then we made and decorated frames to go around them. We have attached magnets to the back so that they can go on our fridges at home!

For our Christmas cards, we have used large trees and small trees for our designs. We have tried to make them bright and cheerful. We have also been learning about the Christmas Story and have used the computer to create documents which included text and pictures.

In our science lessons we have enjoyed learning about the Solar System, finding out about the different planets and some of the important scientists associated with astronomy.

Arapaho Borders Arapaho Cards

We have had a very busy start to the autumn term. Our topic has been the Second World War and we have enjoyed researching the major events and learning how the war affected people in Britain. We imagined what it was like to be an evacuee, writing diary entries and thinking about what we would take in our suitcases. In art we drew Lancaster Bombers and Spitfires, and we also created our own quizzes on the computer to show how much we have learned.

Arapaho Display Arapaho Computer

Year 5 thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Davidstow Creamery, where they learnt how cheese is made and had a tour of the factory. They were able to ask questions, taste different types of cheese and were all very lucky to be given a bag of cheese to take home with them. Year 4 had a lovely time when they visited Truro Cathedral and the Royal Cornwall Museum. They learnt about the various roles in the cathedral and even dressed up and pretended to be those roles. In the museum, they learnt about different periods of history, but were particularly fascinated by the Egyptian mummy.

Arapaho Creamery Arapaho Cathedral