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Welcome to the Blackfoot Class page. Here you can see some of our displays and find out what we have been doing recently. We are a Year 1 class and are taught by Miss Dunster.

Blackfoot have been busy learning lots of new things this half term. We had an unexpected visit from an evil pea who trapped innocent vegetables and started to cause mischief all around the school. As a class we decided to write wanted posters, letters and comic strips to help stop the evil pea. Unfortunately, we couldnít do it all on our own and we needed the help of a super hero in the form of Supertato!

We have been learning about materials in science and capacity in maths this term and have enjoyed taking part in lots of exciting experiments. Looking forward we are gearing up for Sports Day and will be busy preparing for all of our activities after our half term break.

Blackfoot Picture Blackfoot Picture

Looking back at the Spring Term: Blackfoot went to the Blue Reef Aquarium and had great fun watching the caiman and logger head turtle being fed. We enjoyed looking at the starfish and crab and got to touch them! It was fun to see all the different animals in our local ocean and learn how to keep the water pollution free.

Blackfoot Picture Blackfoot Picture

We enjoyed making natural collages and liked using our imagination. We collected lots of natural resources and created large pieces of art and designed our favourite animals. We thoroughly enjoyed dressing up as our favourite World Book Day characters and enjoyed learning about different stories and sharing our favourite reads. In DT we made our own healthy soups using lots of different vegetables. We enjoyed tasting our soup and trying lots of new vegetables.

Picture Dough Blackfoot Picture

We have enjoyed our start to the Spring Term. We have been busy learning all about our new topic ĎHere comes the Suní and have completed lots of different science experiments and DT projects. Our favourite science experiment involved learning about our senses. We completed activities without our sight and hearing. Look at what we made using Playdoh while wearing a blindfold!

During DT lessons we have looked at famous engineers and the structures they have designed. First of all, we made bridges and soon realised that shape has a lot to do with how strong a structure will be. The strongest paper bridge we made could hold 185g. Next, we looked at towers and learnt that a larger base would help a tower stand up. We folded, rolled and cut pieces of paper to try and make the tallest tower. Two girls managed to build the tallest tower by slotting parts of an A4 sheet of paper together. Clever thinking girls!

As always, we have embraced new learning challenges and are very proud of our 2x and 5x table learning. We have solved problems involving division and time and have enjoyed challenging ourselves with Miss Dunsterís challenge cards.

Blackfoot Playdoh Blackfoot Towers

Looking back at the Autumn Term: We have had a great half term in Blackfoot class. We have thoroughly enjoyed learning about The Great Fire of London and made some amazing pieces of art work, take a look at all our fantastic Tudor houses, arenít they incredible! We enjoyed thinking about what people would have heard, seen and felt during the fire and wrote some detailed sentences about it.

We started to learn our 2 times table and completed lots of in-depth challenges to help us count in 2s. We are very proud of ourselves for this and cannot wait to work with more numbers next half term.

Blackfoot Fire Houses Blackfoot 2s

In English we have been focusing on using finger spaces, full stops and capital letters. Our best pieces of writing went on display which we are really proud of. In PE we have been working on our coordination and strength during gymnastic lessons and used the bars and climbing frames well. We could hold balances and work with a partner. We are looking forward to playing some ball games next.

Towards the end of this term we enjoyed getting ready for the winter fair and Christmas productions. We made yummy chocolate swizzle sticks and snowy rocky road. We raised lots of money while having lots of fun! Our Christmas production was a great success. We enjoyed singing, dancing, playing instruments and speaking. We did work incredibly hard and enjoyed every minute on the stage!

Blackfoot Display Blackfoot Gym

We have had a busy first half term in Blackfoot class. We began our new topic all about animals and have enjoyed finding out about what animals eat and how they are different. In maths, we have used Numicon and cubes to extend our knowledge of numbers to 20 and we have learnt how to write different types of number sentences. We enjoyed having our family in to help us with our mathematics during Open Learning Sessions.

In English, we have learnt lots of different stories such as Mog, The Tiger Who Came to Tea and The Day the Crayons Quit. We have enjoyed reading them, learning them off by heart and adapting these fantastic stories. We are practising our capital letters, finger spaces and full stops to improve our writing skills.

Blackfoot Make 10 Blackfoot Animals

We went on our first school trip to Wadebridge Tesco and learnt all about where our food comes from. We enjoyed going behind the scenes and looking at the fridges, freezers and bakery. After we went to Nine Ashes campsite and had a lovely teddy bearsí picnic. We cannot wait for our next education visit! We are now looking forward to our Christmas production and our annual Winter Fair next half term.

Blackfoot Supermarket Blackfoot Jelly