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Welcome to the Chippewa Class page. Here you can see some of our displays and find out what we have been doing recently. We are a Year 3 and 4 class and are taught by Miss Tullett.

We arrived back from the Easter holidays ready to start the summer term and to begin our new topic ‘Romans Rock’. Lots of us enjoyed taking part in camp and the weather stayed bright for the most part!

We have used a range of mediums this term including, water colours, oil pastels and collage to create our competition entries for Newquay in Bloom. The theme this year is ‘It’s a bugs life!’

Alongside all our learning we have been practising hard in our P.E sessions ready for sports day! We have enjoyed learning the new and improved obstacle course and practising our sprinting.

Chippewa Picture Chippewa Picture

Looking back at the Spring Term: In maths, we have continued to work hard to learn our times tables and have been enjoying beating our own scores every week. We have also begun to learn to measure lines and objects accurately. We are now confident to convert between millimetres and centimetres.

We also took part in Health Day. Each class focused on a Winter Olympic Sport, we studied speed skating. As part of this day, we started our walk a mile Wednesday, which we now complete every week. Brighter Smiles also visited us to remind us how to look after our teeth and also showed us how sugary teeth can damage our teeth and gums.

Chippewa Picture Chippewa Picture

For our Educational Visits this term, Year 3 were treated to an exciting adventure to the Eden Project. They had the chance to explore the biomes and take part in the Crazy Chef Challenge! Year 4 set off to Wheal Martyn and learnt all about where china clay comes from. We were surprised to find out how many everyday items have china clay in them, including tooth paste!

Picture Dough Chippewa Picture

After a relaxing winter break, Chippewa class returned full of enthusiasm to start a new term. We launched straight into our new topic ‘Pharaohs, Forces and Flow’. Exploring the lives of people in ancient Egypt, led us to learn the process of mummification and we began to write our names and secret messages in hieroglyphics. For homework, the children researched different facts about ancient Egypt and even created their own artefacts!

Our celebration lunch was inspired by A. A Milne and we had great fun writing our own poems based upon Winnie the Pooh and his friends. We have also used our topic work to explore the story the Egyptian Cinderella. As a class, we innovated parts of the story and wrote our own, focusing on using adjectives to make our writing descriptive.

In mathematics, we begun to learn about fractions and learnt a catchy song to help us remember the difference between denominator and numerator. We enjoyed using our fraction wall to help us with equivalent fractions and calculating with fractions with the same denominator.

In P.E, we are always focusing on building our hand eye co-ordination and have used this to begin to learn to play tag rugby and badminton. We are looking forward to continuing this during the next half term.

Chippewa Hieroglyphics Chippewa Badminton

Looking back at the Autumn Term: We have had a busy second half of the Autumn term in Chippewa class. It started with the Year 3 children taking part in their Educational Visit to the Maritime Museum in Falmouth. The children had a great time building and racing their boats!

In maths, we have been practising our rapid recall of our times tables and have been trying to beat our own scores each week. We were also introduced to the grid method, which has helped us to multiply two digit numbers by a single digit. The children have worked hard using coins to make amounts of money. We had great fun learning how to add to prices together.

Chippewa Boats Chippewa Grid

In English, our focus has been instructional writing. The children have enjoyed exploring different instructions and were able to suggest some improvements! We learnt the importance of writing in chronological (time) order, when we found some muddled up instructions!

In science we have been learning about space and the planets in our solar system. We have been amazed by how different each planet is. In R.E, we have been learning about Judaism. The children enjoyed learning about the importance of the Torah and synagogue to Jewish people. Our particular favourite was learning about the importance of their weekly Shabbat.

Chippewa Boats Chippewa Grid

What a busy first half term we have had in Chippewa class! In September, we had great fun getting to know each other and we have all settled really well into our new class.

We began our new topic all about WW2. We were fascinated to find out about how the war began and how it affected children. In English, we used this to help us write diary entries pretending to be an evacuee child. In maths, we have enjoyed using base 10 to extend our knowledge of place value. We have started to learn how to add using the column method.

Chippewa were proud to be the first class to perform their class assembly this year. Our topic was famous authors and books, which coincided with Roald Dahl Day. We enjoyed performing on stage and sharing our favourite stories with the rest of the school. We have also had the opportunity to take part in two singing lessons with Mr Hawkins. He taught us two new songs which we performed to Key Stage One.

Chippewa Addition Chippewa Hawkins

The Year 4 children ventured off to Truro Cathedral and Museum for their Educational Visit this term. Everyone had a great time, especially dressing up and exploring in the cathedral. The Year 3 children are excited to take part in their Educational Visit to the Maritime Museum in November!

Chippewa Museum Chippewa Cathedral