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Welcome to the Hopi Class page. Here you can see some of our displays and find out what we have been doing recently. We are a Reception class and are taught by Miss Sabine.

This Summer term we have enjoyed our topic ‘Life in the Wild’. We have learnt about minibeasts, rainforest animals, dinosaurs and other interesting habitats where animals live. During our maths learning we have been working on how to double, halve and find number bonds to 10. We have enjoyed writing riddles and learnt to look at describing words.

Hopi Picture Hopi Picture

Looking back at the Spring Term: This term we have thoroughly enjoyed our topic ‘Growing Up Together’. The children have thought about and discussed the way their bodies grow including what healthy choices they can do to help them to be big and strong. We’ve made a new mud kitchen where the children enjoyed making their own vegetable soup and other delicious snacks for their friends. As part of the topic we have been looking at flowers and plants. The children have learnt the parts of plants along with what a plant needs to help it grow. The children loved putting their learning into practise by planting and growing their own class plants.

Hopi Picture Hopi Picture

During art time, we have learnt to mix our own colours and how to experiment by using different resources especially when printing. We loved using different colours and shapes to paint and represent flowers using our own ideas and imagination. As part of our maths learning we have continued to use resources to add and take away. We have become confident learners and have been putting the numbers in our heads and then counting on to solve problems.

Picture Dough Hopi Picture

We started off the New Year with the topic ‘Build it’. Throughout the term we have been learning stories such as, ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’. We have enjoyed reading the stories and have used different props to help us retell the key events. The children enjoyed their role-play building site and have used various construction materials to help them make strong structures. The children also used different materials to experiment and find out what makes bridges strong.

The children also had a visit from our local police officers and enjoyed hearing the siren, looking at the flashing lights and finding out interesting information. They were excited to have lunch with the policemen and enjoyed asking lots of interesting questions!

The children finished off the half term learning about famous structures around the world. They particularly enjoyed looking at London and were excited to talk about The Queen, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, The London Eye and the red double decker buses!

Hopi Construction Hopi Police

Looking back at the Autumn Term: This half term we have enjoyed our ‘Light and Dark’ topic. We have enjoyed learning about nocturnal animals and exploring the story ‘The Gruffalo’. We enjoyed making lots of tasty treats in our Gruffalo café. During this topic we learnt about space including the different planets and moons. We designed and made our own space ships using junk modelling and went to the Moon!

Hopi Cafe Hopi Moon Rocket

In November we enjoyed learning about road safety, we had many discussions and have enjoyed talking about staying safe on the road. We also learnt about ‘people who help us’ and enjoyed talking about all the different jobs that we could do when we grow up.

We have been practising our reading and our writing through play and singing. We have been using resources to help us count and add numbers together.

Hopi Road Safety Hopi Interactive Maths

This term we have been settling into our new classrooms and have become familiar with the routines of our new school. Our topic was 'My Wonderful World' where we have enjoyed talking about our family and homes while also building and making homes using different materials and resources. We have looked at homes in other countries and enjoyed speaking about the similarities and differences.

Hopi Houses Hopi Houses

We have enjoyed our mathematics focus and have been learning ways to count, check and solve problems using different objects and number resources. We have also been working very hard to write our name using the correct pencil grip. In phonics we have learnt lots of sounds to make us good readers and writers. We have had a busy half term and are looking forward to our next topic 'Light and Dark'.

Hopi Houses Hopi Houses