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Welcome to the Kiowa Class page. Here you can see some of our displays and find out what we have been doing recently. We are a Year 6 class and are taught by Mr Harding and Miss Harris.

Kiowa Class have shown an excellent attitude in the build up to SATs challenges showing bucket-loads of determination to succeed. Well done to everyone including parents who helped with last-minute revision. Kiowa Class are now looking forward to their camp residential which will be full of adventure.

On the topic of adventure, we were lucky enough to be invited by the RNLI to participate in their 'Hit the Surf' initiative where we learnt how to bodyboard safely at Fistral Beach. We've realised how important it is to stay safe in the sea and how to get ourselves out of danger. In the afternoons after SATs we embarked on practical tasks like designing obstacle courses for Sports Day (where we're looking forward to being sports leaders) and making our own compass. We even managed to make every compass point towards north using our new playground markings as a guide.

Kiowa Picture Kiowa Picture

Looking back at the Spring Term: What an eventful term! Kiowa Class have performed their second class assembly where we taught the rest of the school about the importance of being aware of Climate Change. We explained how greenhouse gases were contributing to climate change and how human activity has been producing these gases, it really made everyone think and reflect on how we should look after the planet. Kiowa Class have also been working extremely hard preparing for SATs challenges while also finding time for Health Day where we found out about ways to stay healthy including researching Winter Olympic events where we made a dramtic 3D poster about the luge.

The school has been sending lots of teams to competitive events at local schools this term while also holding events at our school where everyone can participate in competitive team games. This term the teams were named after famous rivers and the children participated in hockey, football and an individual target competition. It was great to see really good sporting behaviour in very closely contested matches.

Kiowa Picture Kiowa Picture

Our educational visit for the term was to County Hall and The Hall for Cornwall. Kiowa Class had the rare opportunity to sit in the debating chamber and question our local councillor, Dick Cole, and County Chairwoman, Mrs May, on a series of hot local and national topics. We really appreciated how open both VIPs were and the children appreciated having the time to express their views while also learning about the electorial system. Kiowa Class were even set the task of budget setting, which we found incredibly difficult, as it was hard to decide on which departments to prioritise over others. We realised how hard it must be to make tough decisions that impact on how people live. In the afternoon we participated in a local history workshop at The Hall for Cornwall where we learned about how Truro has changed over time.

Picture Dough Kiowa Picture

As part of our new topic entitled 'Pharoahs, Forces and Flow' we have been learning about the wonders of Ancient Egypt - but not just in history. In science we have been learning about Archimedes, particularly his theories regarding levers, and realised how levers and pulleys helped the Ancient Egyptians build the pyramids and other structures without any modern electrically powered machinery. We devised an experiment to investigate how the position of the fulcrum altered the distance that a catapult could throw and we found maximising leverage produced the furthest distances. We then went on to investigate how gradually increasing weights could be balanced (on a meter stick) by a 100g weight by altering the position of the fulcrum; surprisingly we found a number pattern that showed the fulcrum had to be moved further from the heavier weight by 2.5cm for every 10g. Proving Archimedes to be spot on!

In English we have been focusing on technical grammar terms and creating persuasive writing using a range of topics from school trips to reasons for evacuation to a very lively debate about mobile phones at school. We have also been working hard in maths at our formal calculation methods by extending ourselves to the Gelosian or Italian method of multiplication and then checking our answers by using bus stop division.

Fortunately, we are lucky enough to have our new sports hall for PE when the weather is not in the mood. We've been extending our skills in badminton and hockey; often playing small games focused on match tactics and sporting behaviour when games are nail-bitingly close.

Our JRSOs (Junior Road Safety Officers) went on patrol with our local police as part of Speed Watch and enjoyed working with the local community.

Kiowa Balance Experiment Kiowa Hockey

Looking back at the Autumn Term: For this part of the term Kiowa have been extending their learning about space including learning about time zones, orbital periods and phases of the Moon. Our learning culminating with a very exciting Moon crater experiment where we found that crater depth and width did not increase much with an increase in velocity but the size of the debris field increased greatly. We put this down to the extra energy catapulting the flour and cocoa (our Moon surface) further.

In English we have started to read Shakespeare and were invited to Treviglas to see former pupils of our school star in a production of Shakespeare's 'The Tempest'. In maths we have been working with ratios, linked to recipes, and investigating algebra including finding out about BIDMAS.

Kiowa Space Kiowa Shakespeare

In the run up to our Winter Fair our classroom became a hive of activity and a real winter workshop. The class split themselves into different departments; some sanding wood, others cutting and shaping natural products we collected from around the school or brought in from home and some preparing the items for sale. We made a selection of different types of winter lanterns, festive snowmen and holly themed key holders. Thank you to everyone who collected items for us to use.

As part of our design technology work we learnt to use drills and other tools to work the wood into festive lanterns. We coated them in a special varnish and finished them with a candle.

Kiowa Tools Kiowa Festive Candles

Kiowa Class have started the year in a really positive manner and shown a great attitude to their learning. Year 6 is a very important year and we have been using classroom resources (like our interactive screen) to create visual represenations in mathematics and to explain our thinking in other subjects. It's always good to use them with a learning partner as it helps us get our ideas across!

The class were fascinated by First News and Picture News reports detailing the effect of hurricanes in the Carribean during September. As a result we learnt about how hurricanes form and how they impact on the lives of people in their path. We learnt about the people who help in these disaster zones and this lead on to the topic of our class assembly 'Heroes'. Here you can see us researching hurricanes in the school library.

For our assembly we learnt about famous heroes in different fields such as Neil Armstrong, Martin Luther King Jr or Emily Pankhurst to name but a few. We also thought we should praise unsung heroes who don't get the recognition they deserve like doctors, RNLI volunteers and even parents.

Kiowa Library Kiowa Screen

As part of our topic for this term we have been learning about World War 2 and one of the best places to visit in the county to learn about this key period of history is Pendennis Castle. As we explored we realised how the castle had evolved over hundreds of years from the Tudor era, to the Civil War through to Victorian times and how it had defended Falmouth in World War 2. It made us realise how brave the people were who served in times of conflict.

We noticed how technology had allowed the armaments to advance from small iron cannons to huge naval guns. We particularly enjoyed watching the reenactment of the Tudor cannons being fired, the smoke added to the atmosphere perfectly.

Kiowa Cannon Kiowa Cannon 2