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Welcome to the Micmac Class page. Here you can see some of our displays and find out what we have been doing recently. We are a Year 3 and 4 class and are taught by Mr Cruse.

Looking back at the Spring Term: It’s been another busy term for Micmac. One of the highlights for the children was going on their educational visits.

The Year 3s went to the Eden Project. On the visit, they were given the chance to explore the biomes, with the rainforest biome being most children’s favourite. As part of a workshop, the children were set the `Crazy Chef Challenge`. The children were given the task of finding food from around the world in different parts of the Eden Project. They were able to find these foods and their origins, resulting in the `Crazy Chef` baking them a delicious cake.

The children in Year 4 visited Wheal Martin. They were fascinated by the working pit and huge water wheels which helped process the clay. The children also took part in a workshop and learnt about the importance of the clay industry in Cornwall.

Micmac Picture Micmac Picture

In science, Micmac have been learning about forces. The children set up their own experiment to see how the gradient of a ramp affects how far a car travels after going down it. The children also had a visit from `Brighter Smiles`. They impressed the visitor with their knowledge of teeth and learnt some new things about how and why it was important to keep them healthy.

Picture Dough Micmac Picture

Micmac have enjoyed the launch of their topic entitled ‘Pharaohs, Forces and Flow’. They have been learning about gods, goddesses, Tutankhamun, hieroglyphics, pyramids and so much more! The children thoroughly enjoyed designing their own Egyptian God and creating a border made up of hieroglyphics, where they wrote their name and their own chosen message.

The children were excited to learn that it would have been A.A. Milne’s birthday this term and wrote some lovely poems that were based on some of his work. Micmac liked listening to the Winnie the Pooh stories and learning about the life of this famous author. Towards the end of the half term the weather turned cold and the children were lucky enough to see some snow. The children got the opportunity to go outside and experience their rare occurrence in Cornwall for themselves and were very sensible when doing so.

Micmac Hieroglyphics Micmac Snow

Looking back at the Autumn Term: We have had a busy second half of the Autumn term in Micmac class. The children in Year 3 were lucky enough to go on an educational visit to the National Maritime Museum in Falmouth. The children took park in a boat building workshop where they learn about how different shaped hulls as well as the size and shape could affect the speed which it travelling in the water.

In mathematics, we have continued to practise our times tables and have also begun to multiply larger numbers. The children in the class have become excellent at explaining their mathematical thinking to each other. During English lessons, the children have been writing instructions for different purposes. The children were put into groups and were challenged to improve a set of instructions that were not made very clear.

Micmac Maritime Micmac English

The focus in science has been space. The children learnt about the order of the planets from the sun and were fascinated when comparing the terrain, size and temperature on each planet. In the lead up to the Winter holidays, the children had fun making crafts and cards to take home for their families.

Micmac Craft Micmac Flowers

Micmac have worked very hard this first half term and have enjoyed learning about World War II. The children have studied key events of the war, including the D-Day landings and the Dunkirk Evacuation. In physical education, the children have improved their gymnastics skills, whilst exploring the apparatus in the school sports hall.

Micmac Gym Micmac Gym 2

As part of the music curriculum, the children took part in sessions led by Mr Hawkins. They learnt 2 songs which they performed beautifully to the children in key stage one. The Year 4s were lucky enough to go on a visit to Truro Cathedral and Truro Museum. In the cathedral, they studied the roles of the people in a Christian setting and were able to try on some of the clothing that they wore. The children in Year 3 look forward to their trip to the Maritime Museum after the half term break.

Micmac Sing Micmac Cathedral