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Welcome to the Navaho Class page. Here you can see some of our displays and find out what we have been doing recently. We are a Reception class and are taught by Miss Fox.

We leaped into the Spring term with our very exciting topic of ‘Build it’. We began by reading and retelling the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and learnt about suitable materials to use for different jobs. We were brilliant at ‘hot seating’ where we imagined being a character from the story and other children asked the character questions. We also imagined being the wolf and wrote a letter to one of the three pigs. We learnt the story of ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’ and used this to design and build our own bridges. We learnt that triangles make bridges strong.

In mathematics we have learnt to subtract using a 100 square and a number line. We can now practically solve and record addition and subtraction sentences. We have learnt some names and properties of 3D shapes and enjoyed learning our 3D shape song! In PE, we have learnt to roll, throw, catch, kick and dribble a ball. Our co-ordination and team skills are really improving!

We have ended the first half of the Spring Term with learning about famous buildings in London. We read the story ‘The Queen’s Knickers’ and thought of some questions for if the Queen should ever visit us at our school! We know that London is famous for its London Eye, Big Ben and big red buses. We would really love to visit London one day to see Buckingham Palace and maybe share cucumber sandwiches with the Queen!

Navaho Writing Navaho Buses

Looking back at the Autumn Term: During the second half of the Autumn term we have been very busy learning about our topic of ‘Where does the sun sleep?’ We have learnt about the different planets and what causes night and day. In our classroom we focussed on the story ‘Whatever Next’ and had great fun retelling this to each other. We imagined zooming off in our rockets to the moon, and took sandwiches with us that we had made. Whilst on the moon we walked around in our space boots and learnt that the moon is made of rock – not cheese!

In Literacy, we have been learning to read short sentences and recognise diagraphs in words. We love to play phonics Bingo! We have been practising correct letter formation and used this to write about rockets.

Navaho Rocket Navaho Teddy

In Mathematics we have become familiar with using ‘part-part whole’ to solve problems. We have learnt to read and write a number sentences and can talk through how we reached an answer.

During PE we have been developing our co-ordination skills. We have learnt to throw, bounce and catch a large ball. We have been enthusiastic to develop balancing skills in the adventure playground!

Leading up to Christmas we have given our all to our Nativity performance. We practised and practised and we were so happy to share this with the school and our families. Thank you for coming to watch us!

Navaho Rocket Navaho Teddy

Wow! What a busy and exciting first half of the term we have had at school! We have been learning about different homes around the world. This involved us learning about both hot and cold areas. We read the story Handas Surprise and learnt a lot about African animals and fruits from the story. We even tasted them, they were very juicy! We have learnt about Artic animals and how ice is made. We made our very own ‘ice homes’ and experienced ice melting. This felt very cold!

Towards the end of this half of the term we have supported Bongwe school by dressing up and making cakes to raise money for children. We would like to thank all of our adults for their support in this. We have celebrated Harvest by having a special lunch and dressing up as a vegetable, a farmer, a baker or a chef. We have learnt about all of the hard work that these people do for us. This helped us to learn about different vegetables and inspired us to make our own soup. We peeled potatoes, chopped up carrots and scraped out the inside of a pumpkin for our soup and shared it with all of our friends. It was delicious!

Navaho Pumpkin Navaho Display

In Literacy, we have been using Jolly Phonics to learn new sounds. We are currently beginning to read three letter words. In Mathematics, we have been learning to count accurately and find different ways of making 5. We have begun to add two groups of numbers together using the ‘Part-Part Whole’ method.

Navaho Words Navaho Numbers