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Welcome to the Shoshone Class page. Here you can see some of our displays and find out what we have been doing recently. We are a Year 2 class and are taught by Mr Pond.

We have been really busy since the Easter Holidays. In science we have been learning about animals, including humans, and how they grow and survive. We have been investigating food chains, finding out who eats what in different habitats. We have also been learning to make computer programs and create codes for different games.

Shoshone Picture Shoshone Picture

Looking back at the Spring Term: Our educational visit this term was visiting Truro Cathedral. We had a great time exploring the Cathedral, making finger puppets and some of us even got to dress up as bishops, canons or choristers! We learnt how to make brass rubbings and did some excellent sketches.

Shoshone Picture Shoshone Picture

In science this term we have been learning all about plants. We have planted seeds and observed them carefully, watching them germinate and grow. We kept plant diaries to record our results.

Picture Dough Shoshone Picture

Our Spring Term has been very busy so far. We have learnt lots about different areas around the world and what the different continents are like. Finding out about out about where animals live and how they survive has been very interesting. In science, we have been learning how to carry out scientific investigations and really enjoyed making and testing bridges, trying to make them stronger and able to carry more weight. We have also been learning to create and improve simple computer programs, trying to give the Bee Bot a list of instructions to get to the right place on our volcanoes grid.

Shoshone Bridges Shoshone Bee Bot

Looking back at the Autumn Term: We have another busy and exciting half term in Shoshone Class. As part of our learning in science, we have been finding out about how materials can change. Our experiment was to look at how yeast works in making bread. We also followed up our learning about healthy eating by designing and making a delicious vegetable soup. We tasted and evaluated them both and were really pleased with what we had made.

Shoshone Bread Shoshone Soup

Later in the term we were really lucky to use lots of different resources to help us learn how to stay safe on the roads during our Road Safety fortnight. After we had used the road safety kit, we learned how important it is for cars to slow down and for us to cross the road carefully.

Shoshone Crossing Shoshone Road Safety

We have had a really busy first half term in Shoshone class. We have been learning all about vehicles and machines, using information that we found out about farm machinery in our class assembly presentation on food and farming. We really enjoyed having parents come into our Open Learning sessions and showing them how we are using different resources to help us with our learning in maths. We loved having the chance to see a live performance of Charlotte’s Web by the M and M Theatre Company.

Shoshone Part Part Shoshone Base 10

In the last week of the half term we went on our visit to Mawgan Porth beach. We had great fun learning about the beach environment and learning how to create and use maps.

Shoshone Mawgan Shoshone Mawgan 2