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Indian Queens Primary School

What to do if ....
Situation Action
Your child is ill or absent Please phone the school as soon as possible from 8:00am on the day of absence and follow up with a written note to the teacher explaining the reason on the day of absence or click here to email school
The person who normally collects your child from school is changing Please inform the child's teacher in writing.
Your child is going to be late to school Phone School Office
Your child has an appointment during the school day Inform class teacher prior to the appointment and collect and return child via School Office
You are changing address / telephone number Fill out Change of Details form from School Office or
click here to download change of details form
You are moving out of the area and changing school Write a letter to the Headteacher
You are changing your emergency contact number Fill out Change of Details form from School Office or
click here to download change of details form
Your family domestic arrangements are changing Write a confidential letter to the child's teacher with full details
You think you may be eligible for free school meals Obtain form from School Office
You are worried about your child's progress Make an appointment with class teacher
You wish to make a formal complaint Contact the Clerk of Governors at the school in writing.
You wish to contact the Governing Body Write to the Clerk to the Governors, c/o the School
You wish to withdraw your child from any aspect of school Telephone or write to the Headteacher
Your child develops an infectious disease Contact School Office immediately and also read guidance on vomiting and diarrohea and advice about Norovirus
You are sending money to school Send in a sealed and labelled envelope via the class teacher or hand to the School Office
You think your child has lost clothing Contact class teacher in first instance and then the School Office
Your car is blocked in by an inconsiderate parent/visitor Phone police with vehicle number
You are worried about the safety of a child NEVER DELAY - phone the school immediately
You find school property at home Please return to school as soon as possible
You need to purchase school uniform Obtain order form from School Office or
click here to download order form
You wish to see the published OFSTED report Contact the School Office or
Open/download the latest Indian Queens OFSTED Inspection Report here
The school is closed in an emergency Open/download Guidance to Parents on school emergency closure