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The school has very high expectations with regard to behaviour and we are very proud of the standard of behaviour of pupils throughout the school. Everyone is expected to treat all other members of the school, staff and pupils alike, with respect and kindness and we aim always to recognise and praise good behaviour, thereby encouraging other pupils to be guided by their example. The school places great importance on helping all children understand what appropriate behaviour is, and we work hard and consistently to help children to behave in a thoughtful, caring way towards one another and with regard to property by following a set of “Golden Rules” (see below).
Open/download current Behaviour Policy – Guidance for Parents here
Open/download Golden Rules here

Where a pupil’s behaviour does give cause for concern, we work with the individual to help him or her manage and improve their behaviour. It is important that a child understands why their behaviour is unacceptable and how this affects not only him or herself but everyone else around them. Initially support is given by the class teacher and classroom assistants, followed then, if required, by more senior staff. The class teacher will inform the child’s parents/guardians, if necessary, so that the school and home can work together to support and help the child. At some point it may be necessary to draw up a pastoral support programme, with clearly agreed expectations along with rewards and sanctions which will help the pupil to raise his or her standard of behaviour. In all cases, the aim is to encourage and support the pupil, enabling him or her to work and play happily and confidently within the school.