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As a general rule we would request that parents administer medicines to children at home. However, if your child needs to take medicine in school time, the parent should hand it to a member of staff and be responsible for collecting the medication at the end of the day. All medicines are securely locked in a central location. As we have to have authorisation from you to give your child any medicine whatsoever, a ‘medicine in schools’ form must always be completed and signed BEFORE we are able to administer the medication. This is available at the school office or:
Open/download medicines in school form

The exception to these regulations is for asthmatic children where, after completion of the usual ‘medicine in schools’ form, inhalers are kept securely for quick and easy access, by the child where this is most appropriate. We have a School Asthma Policy, available on request, and encourage children to be responsible for managing their own treatment where appropriate.

For health and safety reasons medicines should be limited to antibiotics, cough medicines, etc. We are not able to administer any invasive treatments such as eye drops, ear drops or creams. In these instances, we request that the parent/guardian come into school and administer them when required. In certain circumstances, parents/guardians may wish to authorise their child, under supervision, to apply a cream themselves. Please talk to the school if you would like further advice or help in this matter.

It is important to ensure that medicine is only taken by the child for whom it is intended. This means that at all times it must be kept well away from any other child, and administered by a member of staff. Medicines should not therefore be brought to school as part of a drink or in any other form which has the potential to be consumed, by mistake, by another child. Under no circumstances, therefore, should a medicine be brought to school in a drink or ‘hidden’ in any sort of food stuff, eg as part of a packed lunch. If the recommendation is that the medicine is consumed in such a form, we ask that the parent/guardian comes into school and is responsible for administering the medicine, or that the child goes home for lunch and receives their medication off site. Please discuss any specific arrangements with the relevant staff who will be able to advise you as to the best course of action for everyone.

Unless there are exceptional circumstances, all children are expected to get some fresh air and exercise at lunchtime and during any breaks. It is generally felt that if a child is not well enough to do this, then they are unlikely to be well enough to attend school. In exceptional circumstances, such as a broken limb, individual arrangements are agreed with the parents/guardians. When the weather is unsuitable for an outside playtime, arrangements are made for all children to be supervised indoors.